Care instructions
These are decorative ornamental art pieces. Display on a stable stand like a ring made of clear hose to enhance stability. It is best to display high quality work like Juan Quezada's in a glass case if available to minimize handling and dust. Pottery is best cleaned by simply blowing off dust with compressed air, a feather duster or a dry soft towell.

Fingers (dirty hands) can leave prints particularly on the white clay or black shiny pieces. Prints may be removed using an alcohol swab and rubbing alcohol.++ initially the moisture from the alcohol may temporarily discolor the clay but will soon return to normal as it dries) Do not place water inside vases and do not use water to clean the pottery especially on the white or black pottery as it may leave visible salts from the water or rub dust/dirt from the surface into the porous clay body creating a tougher stain to remove. In summary, blowing the dust off is the best cleaning solution.

For dirt smudges, a soft ..very clean pencil eraser works wonders to gently remove dirt marks. Begin very lightly and apply gentle pressure to remove stains. Be patient and work gently. If you notice the smudge spreading look to be certain the eraser is soft and clean. In a phrase.
"This pottery is best cleaned by simply blowing off the dust." If you have a particular stain in question or feel compelled to use water to clean a pot ( which i dont recommended but it is not out of the question in the right situation.) Please write me with any questions and I will help you choose the best way forward or I am available to restore pieces if you have specific issues that need to be addressed.
Juans work is of the highest craftmanship possible and the work should be treated as museum quality pieces. Clean cotton gloves are routinely used by curators to handle pottery as it eliminates 99% of superficial issues that may happen by covering hands that may be dirty or covered with oils from lotions. The intent here is to give you options for longterm care and preservation of your museum quality Juan pottery. The info will hopefully make the collector educated ,confident and informed about handling their prized Juan Quezada wonders. Having said all that, If your hands are freshly washed ,dry and clear of any course jewelry you can confidently handle pots with your bare hands.
Enjoy your work of art. I can promise you that a Juan pot is the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of a genius at work with a constant eye tending towards the highest possible quality a human can achieve within his craft.